How to Write a Critical Analytical Essay

A critical analytical essay is about the general evaluation of others work. Sure it is easy to put a comment on somebodys work whether it is good or not, but that is not the main aim of academic writing. The use of simple opinion does not warrant a good critical analysis not until there is credible basis. The critical analytical essay should utilize the use of valid bases to support the writers claims regarding the evaluation of anothers work. This is not an easy thing to do especially if the work the writer is suppose to evaluate involves a lot of technical knowledge, which is why good research is needed. For those who are clueless on how to write a good critical analytical essay, here are the necessary steps to produce one.

First of all, the writer must first know the main purpose of the authors work which can be found in the abstract page or the introduction. It is up to the writer to form his perceived thesis statement from the work that he is going to critique. Once the purpose is identified, the next thing to do is to read the whole work of the author to find out if he fulfills his purpose. This might take a long while for the writers since the work they are to evaluate can be long or short, depending on what has been assigned to them.

After reading the whole piece, write the possible main ideas as well as the supporting points which is found on the authors work. This can later be used by the writer as notes in composing his critical analytical essay. At this point, the writer should do his research to find more about the topic of the work being evaluated. Consult sources to find out about unfamiliar terms, events, processes and other things.

Once the writer has a pretty good grasp of the material, he can now do his own checklist or outline to write the critical analytical essay. Follow the 5-paragraph essay structure in doing the composition to have a good flow and organization of thought. However, instead of writing the introduction, write the summary of the authors work. This will give readers a general idea of what his work is all about. Highlight the first paragraph of the critical analytical essay the important events or things in the summary of the evaluated work.

Proceed to write about the analysis of the work in the critical analytical essay and whether the author has fulfilled his purpose. Give evidences to support the claim and stress each argument in one paragraph. Lastly, write about the verdict in the conclusion. Include the summary of the points raised in the body as well as the general decision in whether the author was able to accomplish his purpose in his work, to serve as the critic of the evaluation.