What is the process of writing a dissertation?


There are some apparent differences in writing an essay. Usually, an article contains 1500 to 2500 words, and you can write anything related to the topic but in its format. The dissertation meaning is that subject which you may choose it for yourself. The exact definition of a dissertation is “an extended written treatment of the subject.” For writing an essay, you need different discussions which help you in getting different ideas about the topic. It will not only examine the text and also reviews the different point of views about the subject. For writing a dissertation, it requires a process which helps in writing it with a sequence.


Step 1: Proposal

By the time when you have finished your coursework, you have to choose a topic for writing a dissertation. Now you may do many types of research for writing, and the step includes the development of your research plan and methodology. It also helps you in obtaining the approval of your topic, idea, mentor, committee, and the IRB. The step is broken down into the following elements and also makes the time to complete each component.

  • Research ethics education
  • Topic approval
  • Mentor-approved the research plan
  • Committee approval
  • Review
  • IRB approval

Step 2: Data collection and research

This is a profound aspect of your research. You need to make a conference call with your mentor and committee before wasting time on research. Both were present your approved proposal, and then you can take some advice with them. They will help you by giving the best guidance on approaching the research. Then you can start searching your research on the topic which you have chosen. In this step there are two phases which are as given below:

  • Data collection conference call
  • When the data is collected and need to get further help

Step 3: Writing

Now it’s the time to write the essay before it starts you need to make a draft which helps you in making a perfect content. The writing aspect may contain some elements which are as followed:

  • Chapters’ 1-5 mentors approved
  • Approval of the dissertation
  • Format editing
  • Final conference call
  • Final manuscript approval
  • Submit a manuscript for publication
  • Final approval

Thus, these are some steps which make an impactful essay. Remember that all the aspect should be written in the sequence.